• Margo V. McKenzie

Who Loves LA As Much As I Do?

The first time I visited Los Angles, I absolutely fell in love with it. I remember my first visit, it was in February. New York was cold, snowy and just awful weather. So when I landed and made my way outside, I was immediately in love. The weather was perfect, not too hot but definitely not to cold. The perfect weather to be outdoors.

Since then I have been back at least 3 more times (COVID crushed my 2020 plans on returning back), so I put together a list of things to do while visiting that I think will be fun. I am listing 4 things you may enjoy in LA at night.

Things to do in LA at Night

Well, there are lots of things to do in LA at night but a single night is not enough to do all the things but still, you be able to find bars, comedy clubs, and lots of nightclubs in LA, after that you will surely want something different that makes you out of the crowds.


Venice Beach is one of the most visited places in LA, its true most people prefer to go to Venice Beach during daylight but I guarantee you must visit at night if you want to spend your time at peace. You will be able to enjoy all the activities like skateboarders, rollerblades, joggers, and even street performers that line up along the walkway.


It’s a complex that is famous for shopping, food, entertainment, and situated next to “Universal Studios Hollywood.” Spending your time at CityWalk at night gives you an amazing experience and feeling completely free for relaxing. It’s generally home for many restaurants, retails shops, and an 18-screen movie theater and an outside them park’s gates that accessible to everyone. Absolutely one of the best places for things to do in LA at night, lot of people spend time at night, it’s a 24 hours open place, meeting new people or natives of LA and talking to them is somewhat more experiencing and enjoyable. CityWalk rocks with brilliant energy at dusk and at night. Well, while the day, it’s peaceful but with lots of people walking to and from the theme park gates.


The Market is one of the oldest visitors’ attractions and lots of sights that make this place so popular. Night lovers find this place interesting and it has lots of things to do in LA at night here including this. Currently, the Farmers Market is one of the most famous places in LA, because it’s an official Los Angeles Cultural and Historical Landmark visited by over 3,000,000 visitors throughout the year.


One of the best place to visit for seeing a wonderful view of LA skyscraper is at “The Griffith Observation”. “The Griffith Observation” is considered one of the best things to do in LA at night, also you will see some amazing views of the sunset. Surely the experience will be a peaceful one and you will talk about it for yours to come.

These are just a few things to enjoy at night while visiting. Hopefully 2021 will allow me to make it back to Los Angles, oh how I miss it.

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