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St Lucia is one of those islands that you always see pictures of and fantasize going to. So if you are planning a vacation and worried about traveling during these times, let me tell you St. Lucia may be the place you want to visit.

One of the things you may love about St. Lucia, in addition to everything the Island has to offer, is all of the protocols they have put in place to keep both their residents and visitors safe. Some may even think it's "doing too much", but I'm here for all of this safety. Let's face it St. Lucia has one of the lowest COVID rates in the Caribbean, so clearly they are doing something right.

With the new US mandate in place to provide a negative COVID test within 72 hours, some hotels have doctors on the property on certain days to administer the test. Depending on which test is being offered the price runs between $65USD for the antigen and $200USD for the PCR test.

So if you are ready to travel to St Lucia, here's your checklist of everything you need to know.

A negative PCR test within 5 days of travel

Must complete a Travel Registrations Form (on website see below)

Must printout all documents (negative test, approval email, health screening


Must have COVID-19 certified taxi/transportation

Must have COVID-19 certified accommodations

It may seem like a lot to some people, but I'm sure if you are like me, you will appreciate everything they have put in place to keep everyone safe. These are the most up-to-date requirements as of February 6, 2021. Click stlucia.org up until the day you depart to make sure you are following all protocols.

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