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Margo V. McKenzie


Luxury Travel By M.V.M. was founded as the passion project of Founder Margo who desired to share her knowledge and experience in the realm of luxury travel with others.  

With COVID-19 still raging around the world, travel planning has never been more complex. What you need now is a travel professional that can take the stress out of planning and help put the joy back into travel.

My goal is to elevate your travel experience by safely introducing you to stunningly beautiful hidden gems around the globe.  

I work with couples families, small groups as well as solo travelers.

Far from the mere booking agents, I understand your wants and needs and can plan your perfect itinerary-right down to the last precise detail. No matter where you are located, whether your journey is for business or pleasure, two days or two months, by car, plane, ship, or train, let me design your once-in-a-lifetime-journey so you can appreciate luxury in all its forms.


"I think travel when I'm awake and dream travel when I'm asleep"

Margo V. McKenzie